The 9th Art

3 February – 6 May 2018

Opening: Friday, 2 Februar 2018, 7 P.M.

‚Siegfried in Kummerland‘, Felix Pestemer 2017

The latest works of 13 contemporary comic artists who have received national and international accolades are being shown at the Horst-Janssen-Museum in Oldenburg, with drawings by the German pioneer Hans Hillmann serving as introduction to the topic of the graphic novel. The exhibition is not mainly concerned with presenting printed drawings or finished books. Rather, the main focus here is on the original drawings and on the process of creating these works. Visitors will learn about the very individual approaches the artists take toward their projects and how diverse their tools, signatures, narrative styles and techniques are.

The graphic novels shown in this exhibition do not only represent a wide variety of styles but also of topics. They tell stories of all kinds of momentous experiences, everyday drama and personal trauma. Small-scale disasters are entangled with global political convulsions. Topics include both historical events and current developments in society. Biographic and autobiographic material stands next to examinations of the classics of world literature and to comics designed as journalistic explorations.

Artists: Anke Feuchtenberger, Anna Haifisch, Barbara Yelin, Birgit Weyhe, Felix Pestemer, Hans Hillmann, Isabel Kreitz, Jakob Hinrichs, Lukas Jüliger, Max Baitinger, Olivier Kugler, Reinhard Kleist, Simon Schwartz, Ulli Lust

The exhibition is part of the cooperation “The 9th Art” with the Town Museum Oldenburg and the Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art.

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