Death by Peyote – A First Look at ‘The Dust of the Ancestors’

All those who think they ever had a bad trip should prepare themselves for the spectacular finale of ‘The Dust of the Ancestors’. For what? Well, that really depends on …

‘The Dust of the Ancestors’ is a graphic novel in the truest sense of the word: here, the images tell the story and the comparatively scant text “illustrates” the pictures. That this results in a variety of possible readings and interpretations of the events is a desired side effect – as is the reading speed and the reading order. Whether José Guadalupe Reyes experiences a horror trip or a crass film is a matter of opinion. All the same: those who submerge themselves in the exuberant details of the drawings reap the most rewards from this book!

Felix Pestemer
‘Der Staub der Ahnen’ (‘The Dust of the Ancestors’), Avant Verlag – ISBN 978-3-939080-61-9
‘La Poussière des Aïeux’, Actes Sud / Editions de l´An2 – ISBN 978-2330001520
88 Pages / 23,5 x 31,5 cm