“Poète maudit” Charles Baudelaire. An Homage on the 144th Anniversary of His Death

August 31st marks the 144th anniversary of Charles Baudelaire’s death. Jitter – Magazin für Bildkultur celebrates the poet of “The Flowers of Evil”, the eminent art critic, and the theorist of modernity with an homage.

August 26 – September 9, 2011
Gallery erstererster, Pappelallee 69, Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

With works by:
David von Bassewitz, Ib Jorn, Dieter Jüdt, Birgit Lang,
lorem ipsum collective, Judith Mall, Falk Nordmann,
Felix Pestemer, C.Pom, Richard Rabensaat, Andreas Rauth

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Mephisto’s Hymn to Beauty’ (Illustration for Klaus Mann‘s ‘Mephisto’: Klaus Mann on the opium pipe; Mephisto is reciting Baudelaire while Pincess Tebab begins the prologue)