Kultursalon Madame Schoscha – On the Topic of “Improvising”

On Tuesday, October 29th, starting at 7:30 p.m., Madame Schoscha presents the topic of “Improvising”, using the occasion, inter alia, to consider the question of whether necessity begets ingenuity. The invited artists are: Kitty Hoff (music), Felix Pestemer (comic), Florian Werner (reading), Peter Bernhold (reading) and Olaf Held (film).

Apropos improvising: Felix Pestemer will try to draw a chimera, consisting of diverse animals, mythical creatures, plants or the like, on calls from the audience and on site.

Whenever the Kultursalon Madame Schoscha extends an invitation, many diverse art movements convene to address a given topic. People are singing, reading, playing scenes and mongering secrets. In parallel with the Kultursalon, a monthly column is published under the same title on FIXPOETRY, in which Madame Schoscha and Herr Altobelli use a fictitious exchange of letters to provide insight on their latest discoveries from the world of art and from everyday life.

The founding years (2009 to 2011) have been covered by Kathrin Schadt and Christian Ingenlath, organizers and presenters of the event, in the anthology “Ragufeng” (tauland-verlag), which they edited together. What constitutes a successful evening event in the eyes of the two of them is when an overall picture can arise out of individual impressions. One could compare this to “a kitten tiptoeing towards the milk bowl.”

Theater O-Tonart
Kulmer Str. 20a
10783 Berlin – Schöneberg

Admission fee: 9 Euro