Dramalight, Comic Clash and Avant at COMICINVASIONBERLIN

On Sunday, April 29th, at 12 p.m., the new comic book festival COMICINVASIONBERLIN opens its doors at the HBC Berlin (near Alexanderplatz) with a rich Programm Berlinesque, where publishing houses and comic book stores as well as self-publishing artists and comic book enthusiasts of every shade will share a whole treasure of images.

For this occasion, Dramalight is releasing a special Invasion publication in a handy magazine format, to be sold at the group’s stand at the festival. The exhibition section present works by Dramalight members Christian Gralingen and Anna Rosa Stohldreier, among others. Dramalight also invites visitors to participate in its live drawing event à la Cadavre Exquis, starting at 7 p.m.!

Competition entries on the topic of “The Meaning of Life” will be shown at the Comic Clash segment of the festival, where visitors can also buy the newest edition of the comic zine “Epidermophytie” coming fresh from the presses (with contributions by Dramalight members Stéphane Hirlemann and Felix Pestemer, among others).

At its stand, the Avant-Verlag offers signing sessions with the following artists:
Tim Dinter “Lästermaul & Wohlstandskind”
Thomas Gilke “Leroy & Dexter”
Thomas Henseler & Susanne Buddenberg “Grenzfall”
Felix Pestemer “Der Staub der Ahnen”
Ulrich Scheel “Die sechs Schüsse von Philadelphia”


a new Berlin comics festival in April
with comic exhibition, book tables,
presentations, concerts and
for everyone and for free

HBC Berlin
Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 9
10178 Berlin, Germany

Current schedules:

12:00 Public Drawing + Flag drawing Project outside
12:30 Screen Printing Vetomat and ‘Zine-Fabrik’ Start
13:00 Lesung ‘Luna+Luno’
14:00 Concert: ‘Orchestre Miniature in the Park’
15:00 Interview ‘Festiblog Festival Paris’
16:00 concert ‘TRIKE’ (Bar)
17:00 Comic Quiz
17:30 Short Films, Animation
18:00 Performance Krach der Roboter (Bar)
19:00 Live-Zeichnen-Aktion ‘Dramalight’ (till 21:00)
20:00 concert ‘Chuckamuck’ (Bar)
21:00 Laser Graffitti outside (till 23:00)
22:00 Party (Bar)

Vraom/Warum Verlag, Jaja Verlag, Nulltausendnull, Renate Comics, Bambam Collective/Slalompress, Treasure Fleet, Dramalight, Modern Graphics, AVANT Verlag, Reprodukt Verlag, Damien Tran, Comic Clash

Dominik Heilig, Anna Rosa Stohldreier, Romain Malauzat, Fox Italic, Katharina Nesterowa, Marc Seestaedt, Christian Gralingen, Sebastian Loerscher, Jaja Verlag Artists, Nettmann, Ulli Lust