Beton Fanzine – Pirates!

Before heading towards Angoulême for this year’s Comic Festival, the German-French Fanzine Beton (Concrete) is celebrating its first anniversary with the publication of Issue No. 5. The topic this time around is “Pirates”, so naturally the occasion will be marked with a true pirate party at the bar Freibeuter in Berlin – Friedrichshain.

To what extent the 25 illustrators and writers involved have zeroed in on “Pirates” in a literal or rather a figurative manner remains to be seen. Those on board are:Aike Arndt, Alex Chauvel, Anna Bas Backer, Bea Davies et Perez Velilla, Charlotte Hofmann, Chester, Clairikine, E.A. Casanova, El Diablo, Fabian Stoltz, Felix Pestemer, Julien Loïs, Loic Saulin, Markus Magenbitter, Michael Car, Nettmann, Ulli Lust, Paul Winck, Romza, Sophia Hirsch, Stephan bosse, Stéphane Hirlemann, Steven Tamb, Tine Fetz, Yellow G

Beton Anniversary
8 January 2016, 7 P.M
Freibeuter, Silvio-Meier-Str. 10, 10247 Berlin – Friedrichshain

Admission free

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