avant Reading Marathon

Although as rare an occasion as a major soccer event, the Erlangen International Comic Salon sure enough returns in 2014, from June 19 to 22! The avant reading marathon definitely constitutes one of the program’s various highlights. In five short and sweet, witty and funny, yet enthralling readings, German comic artists present their literary projects with the Berlin-based avant publishing house.

Among the already published comic highlights Simon Schwartz’s “Vita Obscura” is featured, just as “Lauter Leben!” by Mikael Ross, a publication so recent the ink will barely be dry when it premieres at this 16th International Comic Salon. Future projects such as Jan Soeken’s provincial farce “Friends” are being presented, whereas Jan Bauer reads from his widely reviewed comic “Der salzige Fluss”. Salon visitors might recall Felix Pestemer’s much acclaimed debut “The Dust of the Ancestors” from the exhibition the year before last. During the avant reading marathon, Pestemer delivers an audio performance – in both word and noise – of the peyote trip from the book’s finale. Subsequently, and along with co-author Robin Jahnke, Pestemer allows a peek at their 2015-project “Hertha Hindenburg – Too Big to Fail”.

avant-Lesemarathon (avant Reading Marathon)
Saturday, June 21, 5.30 to 7.00 PM

Rathaus (City Hall)
91052 Erlangen
Room # 117, 1st floor.

Free admission with a Salon ticket!